Our history

The beginning

In 1960, Theodore Bozinis found out his innate passion of woodwork. Close to old craftsmen, Theodore acquired the basic techniques and the experience upon the art of wood. In 1975 he inaugurated his own saw mill, which became well known to those (individuals and architects) whose only wish was to construct unique hand-made furniture.

The Bozini brothers

During 1990 Manolis and Konstantinos Bozinis were initiated to the art of wood by their father and the family business started to grow. Cupboards, wardrobes, beds and even door and window frames included the variety of Bozinis’ furniture.

Bozini cucina

In 1997, Manolis and Konstantinos inaugurated their showroom, named Bozini cucina. Customer service representative is Katerina Georgiadou. The new generation decides to emphasize kitchen furniture, aiming at finesse and quality. Traveling to various exhibitions of Greece and abroad, mainly in Milan, Italy, the foundations of the company architectural culture are laid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Bozini cucina?
Due to the fact that we are not an impersonal introductory but a family-owned construction company and we pay special attention to every detail from the first visit to the final delivery in your space, having the ideal value for money.
How do you cost the kitchen?
It is not priced according to the measure but depending on the design, the materials and the peculiarities of the space, always with respect and prudence according to the financial capacity of the client.
When will my kitchen be ready?
The delivery time depends on the size, the colors, the availability of the materials and the order of priority. It varies from 1 to 2 months.
What is your furniture's guarantee?
There is after-sales service whenever it is needed in the future.
Do you only kitchen furniture?
We have put emphasis on kitchen furniture due to our long-lasting dedication, but we can build indoor furniture outside frames.
Who are you addressing?
We address individuals who want the ideal solution for their dream home.
How standard is the construction?
We take the raw materials and process them from the beginning according to the precision measures and certainly not with ready-made solutions for kitchen doors and boxes.
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